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Written by: mrrob on 2010-08-12

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mrrob's review: Callout Comment I had this card before and had no balance but when I filled BK they canceled my card. Last night I went online and was approved for $2000.00 limit. Didn't like the interest rate though 29.99% but will pay the bill off ASAP. I just ordered a laptop bag and that's it. Things are starting to look up.


Comment 1 by finance globe
Re: Got It User Icon on 2010-08-12

Remarks Congrats, and great strategy! Nice limit for a 2nd card. However, don't go off your plan and get caught with unpaid balances. That will likely be a sure trap for most cardholders that don't pay in full.
Comment 2 by sfrancis
Re: Got It User Icon on 2010-08-12

Remarks Congratulations! Can you share your credit scores and how long ago the BK was? Thanks!
Comment 3 by locnguyun
Re: Got It User Icon on 2010-08-12

Remarks Congrats!! Those aprs are high!! But your establishing credit!!
Comment 4 by mrrob
Re: Got It User Icon on 2010-08-13

Remarks BK chapt 13 was 2007
Comment 5 by sfrancis
Re: Got It User Icon on 2010-08-14

Remarks Wow, that's really a fast turn around for 3 years BK. I know someone else who got a Dell account about a little over a year ago during the BK (while in progress). But you had the card before too... You probably had a good history with them. I tried to apply and was instantly denied... Not sure why...
Comment 6 by mrrob
Re: Got It User Icon on 2010-08-15

Remarks Yes had the card before BK but had no balance, at one time it was as high as $1500 but paid it off then d/t financial problems was forced into BK.
Comment 7 by mrrob
Re: Wife Got It User Icon on 2010-11-05

Remarks The wife was just approved for a Dell Prefereed Account. We both had this card prior to filing BK however she had no balance, guess they missed her. Approved for $1000, don't like the interest rate though
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