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Written by: joearg29 on 2010-08-11

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joearg29's review: Callout Comment Although manged by horrible FIA, My card has not had a problem most likely because I have a strong relationship with ML long before BOFA acquired them. 25K limit although my broker, said when ever I want a increase as high as 100k he will make it happen. Rewards are ok, but love the stablity from a WEIRDO card issuer. Apply only if you have relationship with ML and have your broker call in app

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Comment 1 by eric330
Re: Good Card User Icon on 2010-08-26

Remarks I used to be a customer service manager for BofA credit division before the downsize. My associates managed these cards... Dedicated to this card I may say... All 9 of my associates ONLY took calls for this card. On average 15-20 calls a night. So most of the time they were twiddling their thumbs all evening (5p-2a) but the associates were trained to pretty much kiss their rears... Late fees, transaction fees etc. Were waived no matter what. Brokers would call occasionally and we obliged to 95% of their request... Because we did not want to risk losing an investor.
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