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Written by: shanm1981 on 2010-08-08

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shanm1981's review: Callout Comment Applied for Paypal Mastercard, got email that said they couldn't verify my idenity. I have read on other threads, sometimes GEMB has issues with that, so Im not surprised, although with my other 3 GEMB cards, I have not had these issues. Called into Paypal and was told the app was too old and I had to reapply. I went into my Paypal and the credit app said I had to wait another 28 days, yikes. So, I put 2 and 2 together, and decided to open an additional Paypal account to apply again. Once I applied again for the card, I called into Paypal and answered some security questions and was instantly approved for $500 Paypal Buyer credit. Disapointed I didn't get MasterCard, but you can use paypal for everything, its close enough, really... Only prob now is waiting for the buyer credit to show up as linked to my Paypal account, which it hasnt and apparently its a slow paypal problem. But otherwise, $500 is nice buyers credit, Ill take it and for my last card before a 6 month-1 year credit card freeze, this makes me happy!!


Comment 1 by casey
Re: Approved For Buyer Credit User Icon on 2010-08-09

Remarks If you really want a MasterCard... Do this... Apply for the Paypal Debit Mastercard... Then when it comes, link your buyer credit as its "backup funding source" then you use your debit card and there is no $$ in the paypal account, it will pull from your buyer credit. So you instantly turned your debit card into a credit card. I love this feature, plus you get 1% back monthly on all debit card purchases, deposited into your paypal account... Good luck.
Comment 2 by kdb030609
Re: Approved For Buyer Credit User Icon on 2010-08-10

Remarks Congratulations !!! What were your scores when you applied? Well I've got the Debit MasterCard and when I went to sign up for it. They did a hard pull on my credit. So if you don't want a hard pull on you credit I wouldn't refrain from it. It also says JP Morgan Chase on the back of it. It is a different bank from GEMB who issues the Mastercard Credit Card. I also have experienced the sluggish updating of information when it comes to PayPal.
Comment 3 by eric330
Re: Approved For Buyer Credit User Icon on 2010-08-26

Remarks Congrats... I use to be a customer service rep at GEMB and this is a great credit card, but beware... They use to have issues with the first statement not being issued. As long as you watch your due date online you should be fine.
Comment 4 by ginag
Re: Approved For Buyer Credit User Icon on 2010-08-31

Remarks I gave up trying to do something with Paypal and co. The only reason I gave it a try was eBay, which forces everyone to use Paypal. I changed to other safer payment option, I use prepaid cards for online shopping and transactions. Paysafecard is a good one, for instance.
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