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Written by: jack on 2007-09-02

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jack's review: Callout Comment I have been a member of USAA for 10 years now. I separated from the military 4 years ago, and they have continued to treat me like a brother. I applied from their invitation and got an instant $25,000 credit line with a card number in about 15 seconds! I couldn't believe it. I really need to find out my credit score, because it must be pretty good.

Anyway, usaa.com's website offers account management and also a built-in rewards redemption center. I am also getting double the rewards for 6 months. This is really cool.


Comment 1 by anonymous
Re Jack User Icon on 2007-09-02

Remarks Hey Jack $25,000 credit limit is awesome! You must be a member of USAA which means that everyone can't apply for the card since USAA is only available to the military, it's associates and their families.
Comment 2 by brammy
Re Jack User Icon on 2007-09-02

Remarks I am sooooo jealous. Back when I was in the military, USAA was open only to officers Didn't open to enlisted til a long time after I separated. Congrats on that card!!! I jsut stand outside the cyber window and drool... Lol.
Comment 3 by meya
Re: Jack User Icon on 2007-09-02

Remarks Hummmm, So if I join the Army I can get a little justice from AMEX! Look out Bin Laden, here I come... Lol. Way to go Jack, we hardly ever hear about cl like this one here. That is a total knock out, all of my cards together comes no where near that limit.
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