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Written by: sfrancis on 2010-08-06

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sfrancis's review: I had applied for a Capital One card about a month ago and was instantly denied. After reading some of the reviews on this site from others about the CapOne Classic I decided to give it a try one more time. But before doing so, I wanted to chat with one of the online reps to see which card they would recommend applying for based on my credit history. They took the time to ask questions and gave suggestions about my credit. Had to be online with them for about 45 minutes. They recommended this card, sent me the link through the chat and I applied and was instantly approved. It's only $300 but it will certainly help with rebuilding my credit. My scores are 604, 614, 640. Hopefully, they give CLI's in a short time frame...


Comment 1 by kdb030609
Re: Approved! After Chatting W/rep on 2010-08-07

Congratulations!!! It feels good to get back in the game! Your scores aren't to bad! You just have to be patient. Remember slow and steady wins the race as they say.
Comment 2 by sfrancis
Re: Approved! After Chatting W/rep on 2010-08-07

Thanks!!! I do have 3 cards right now (all within the past 60-90 days). HSBC-Orchard, USAA, and now this Cap One. The CsL are pretty low, but you're right... I'll just take slow and from here and rebuild. Boy, this certainly does take a lot of work! But I'm determined to get my scores in the upper mid-upper 700s.
Comment 3 by wanderer
Re: Approved! After Chatting W/rep on 2010-08-07

WOW! Congrats! You turned a decline into an approval... YES! Remember it takes time to rebuild. Many people need to understand a cool two years or more... Watch the inquiries. In today. S credit world the usual rules are ever changing. FICO wants to see 6 plus years of average credit card life and history's to 16 years for the best scores so... Patience! A couple of years will open higher limits and access to Tier 1 Cards.
Comment 4 by sfrancis
Re: Approved! After Chatting W/rep on 2010-08-07

Thanks so much for the advice! 2 years? Bummer... Oh well... It will be well worth it when I get there!
Comment 5 by nckuttoomm
Re: Approved! After Chatting W/rep on 2010-08-07

The problem of Capital One is, they seldom increase CL especially when you CL is lower than 1k. So, instead of waiting for their mercy, just use this card regularly by purchasing a coke each month and pay the bill on time for around 12 months. After that, apply another credit card from normal size bank like Wells Fargo or US bank and it will be pretty easy to get approved that time. After another year, you can play with BOA, Chase and Citi.
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