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Written by: wildrage3 on 2010-07-31

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wildrage3's review: Callout Comment I found a great laptop deal, and applied for a Wal-Mart credit card during the checkout process.

I think that it was interesting that I was approved for $900 and my laptop came out to 897.50. I wonder if they take your total order into consideration when you're applying, or this was just a coincidence? Regardless, I'm going to make a monster payment as soon as it posts to my account so my utilization isn't bad.

I had applied for some GE Bank cards in the past and was always denied, even though I have 2 Capital Ones, a Barclay's and Hooters. I had a charge-off with them 5 years ago, and finally just paid it about 90 days ago (it wasn't a lot of money, and was going into judgment if I didn't). I'm almost thinking that they took that into consideration when they made their decision.

My scores are all in the mid to upper 600's, but my utilization is high right now.

I started rebuilding like 2 years ago. No lates in past 2 years, and maybe 2 or 3 inquired in the past 18 months.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Approved User Icon on 2010-07-31

Remarks Congrats! This is awesome. GE Money Bank/Walmart actually issued a real credit line! You are doing well on your rebuilding. Remember, keep the utilization under 30% with not to many inquiries and you will be in the 700s before you know it.
Comment 2 by eric330
Re: Approved User Icon on 2010-08-26

Remarks Good Deal! When I worked at GEMB I was approved for a Walmart Card... Started at $300 and when I closed the account, I was up to $900 CL... The credit line increases come pretty quick after 6 months of using and paying off the card... Every 3 months, I would click the CLI and they would give me $150 or $200.
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