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Written by: paula on 2007-08-31

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paula's review: Callout Comment The minimum APR on the HSBC Amex Card is 14% with a promotional balance transfer APR 0%. The penalty APR: 19.99% (I'm guessing that's the default rate).


Comment 1 by brammy
Re Paula User Icon on 2007-08-31

Remarks Not bad I guess for HSBC. I know the AMEX Blue cash min is 13.25% but you have that added bonus of cash back. More than likely that 19.99 percent if 19.99% plus prime if its the default rate.

I may not qual for it, it would be my umpteenth card with HSBC and there is supposed to be a 2 card limit. I still want to try the Discover Motiva by EOM Sept.

Gonna go for it?
Comment 2 by eric
Re: Paula & Brammy User Icon on 2007-08-31

Remarks Well actually that sounds pretty good... All the banks are starting to brand their cards with AMEX and Discover. People want more than Visa & Mastercard... That's for sure. Default rate of 19.9% is not bad actually lol... Eric
Comment 3 by brammy
Re Eric User Icon on 2007-08-31

Remarks The more I think about it sounds like the rate spread from good to worst. I seriously doubt HSBC is offering a default of 19% on anything. Thats the normal interest rate on half their cards. Looking at the UK version when it first came out, the spread was 11-15.9%. About the same.
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