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Written by: moemoe416 on 2010-06-26

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moemoe416's review: I applied b/c I thought I would have a good chance of approval. I was approved with a whopping $100 CL! Seriously :( I am not too upset b/c I am in the process of rebuilding and I feel that every little bit helps. They pulled EQ which is 575 for now. My goal is to be around 650 a year from now :)


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Approved! on 2010-06-27

Congrats! You have the door open to rebuilding. Heads up, you also need to take it cool on inquirys. Creditors get nevous when they start seeing too many. It may even effect the amount of a CL.
Comment 2 by cfmdev49
Re: Approved! on 2010-06-27

Dude... I don't know if congrats are in order or not. A $100.00 credit limit is pretty bad. The problem you may run into down the road is how other creditors (including HSBC the BBRZ issuer) view you when you have subprime cards like BBRZ, Orchard, Hooters, etc... And you attempt to get approved for a prime card. Having these cards can actually hold you back from being approved. Or they will cause you to receive higher apr's because prime issuers are freaked by any hint of having problems repaying a debt. Having these cards in your wallet is like having a scarlet letter on your forehead. Best to avoid them completely and start out with store cards... Pay faithfully over a couple of years and then try for a prime card...
Comment 3 by d98lakefan
Re: Approved! on 2010-06-27

The thing with HSBC is if you have there orchard bank card it still shows up as having HSBC on the credit report so creditors don't really now which one of there cards that you have. I guess they could maybe tell by the credit limit though
Comment 4 by ari
Re: Approved! on 2010-06-27

I disagree. I started out with the HSBC rewards MasterCard with a small $300 limit that grew to $400 over three years. My credit scores started in the 500's and now I'm approaching the mid 700's on all three bureau's. Got a Citbank 9 months ago and just got a Discover More with a $3000 limit. With some time and good payment habits, you can get there. I am living proof! Hang in there. : )
Comment 5 by brian23
Re: Approved! on 2010-06-27

I can't believe this, 100CL? That's kind've a bit low, but I guess you're right, you have to start somewhere.
Comment 6 by moemoe416
Re: Approved! on 2010-06-27

@ Wanderer... Thank you. I know, I am done applying for anything else for at least a year. I haven't been able to get credit for a couple of years, so I got a bit excited when I got the OB card lol.

@Cfmdev49... I am happy about it. I am sure I won't get a CLI for a while, but a friend of mine applied too and his scores are in the mid 600's and he got the same CL. If they don't increase it for him when he gets the card he is going to cancel it. For me though it's about proving responsibility even if it's only $100.

Thanks Ari :)
Comment 7 by meya
Re: Approved! on 2010-06-28

Way to go!
Comment 8 by moemoe416
Re: Approved! on 2010-07-06

Thanks Meya!
Comment 9 by montique
Re: Approved! on 2010-07-19

I just got approved for $100 !

This is my first unsecured credit card I have ever had in my life! It has no AF either!

I know it isn't much, but it is a start! My credit score is in the low 600's and is lower lately because of an application spree!

I also have Crown Jewelers CL-$2,500 and ( I just got the card in the mail today) I bought earrings for my mom's bday for $30 and paid down, then made a payment of $10 right away online, so I only owe $10

Victoria Secret ( I piggybacked on my daughter's) CL-$250

( we got our cards last week)

I also got approved for a secured Capital One, but I have to depostit $200 and I thing the AF is $29. I will do that next month.

When I got the BB rewards zone MC I tried for a CLI, but I did not get anywhere, I got the standard speil read to me.

I tried online, too, but they aren't doing that either :(

So, if I am careful, should I try for other cards in 6 months? Or should I wait longer?


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