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Written by: nckuttoomm on 2010-06-05

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nckuttoomm's review: Callout Comment Approved!!!

Credit line = 2000

Equ/Exp/Tra = 729/723/738

15 hard inquiries from Experian

Average balance/CL ratio < 20%

Credit history = 2.2 yrs

Average credit line = 1200

Highest credit line = 2500

After the surprise from Amex two months ago, here I got another one. Very happy.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Surprise Again! User Icon on 2010-06-05

Remarks Congrats! I am surprised that you could obtain a card with all the inquiries. Discover denied me November 2008 for too many inquiries. This year they denied me because of a BK Ch 7 in 09/2001. Go figure. At any rate good luck and slow down to let some inquiries drop from your credit report. It will help you with CL increases down the road.
Comment 2 by kdb030609
Congratulations User Icon on 2010-06-05

Remarks Congratulation on your Discover Card !!!

That is a nice starting limit and nice scores. They are a good company to do business with. Their customer service is excellent and not outsourced. I've been very pleased with the way they treat me. My CL has gone from 3,000 to 5,000 in less than two years. Proof they do grow with you. You just have to be patient with them.

Enjoy it !!!
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