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Written by: kdb030609 on 2010-05-30

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kdb030609's review: Callout Comment I applied online today! It was instant approval. The CL is $6300 and an APR of 15.24 & annual fee $49. Needless to say I was suprised with the CL ! In the past I had a Juniper MasterCard and it was only $500 CL. Which they closed due to inactivity. I applied for the rewards. I'm not sure which bureau they pulled yet. Scores at this time are EX 721 EQ 734 TU 755. I've read where they pull TU. This is my first world MasterCard.


Comment 1 by d98lakefan
Re: Approved !!! User Icon on 2010-05-30

Remarks Congrats man yeah I have this card started out with a 3000 limit and had a regular card then after 6mos of pay history bumped me up to the world card and now I have a 6000 limit. Its great they are just stingy on increases
Comment 2 by brian23
Re: Approved !!! User Icon on 2010-06-01

Remarks Congrats and nice CL!!! Wait, I'm confused, what is the 'regular card' that you guys are speaking of?
Comment 3 by wanderer
Re: Approved !!! User Icon on 2010-06-02

Remarks Congrats! Great CL! There is a new dawn on the credit scene.
Comment 4 by meya
Re: Approved !!! User Icon on 2010-06-03

Remarks Well this is good news to the prior Juni cardholders. Thanks for the info, I had a card with them 'Travelocity" and my initial cl was $500 and it never went up... Lol, that is why I closed it. What kind of rewards can I get with $500? Nothing
Comment 5 by kdb030609
Update Of Approved !!! User Icon on 2010-06-03

Remarks Well I checked Citi identitymonitor. They only pulled TU and considering I applied on May 31st. The account is already on my updated report for the month. They are fast. found it interesting thet when I set up online access it would let me use a new ID and password. I had to use the info from the old account I had with them when they were Juniper. Good thing I still had that Info.
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