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Written by: loukyguy on 2010-05-24

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loukyguy's review: Callout Comment I thought I would apply for this card. I been rebuilding my credit history for about two years now. When I applied my credit scores were 687 TU and 678 EQ.

Also my credit utilazation on both credit cards I have is below 10% and only 1 inquery with TU and EQ in the last year.

I didn't get an instant decision when I applied online. It gave me a message telling me it would send me out and answer in the mail basically.

Well today I got the letter and I was denied to to lack of trade lines and I have 4 unpaid collections all from 5 years ago still on my CR. I guess I will apply again after they drop off in 2 years.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Denied User Icon on 2010-05-25

Remarks Sorry to hear you were denied. This is a plain Citi Bank Platinum Mastercard bank card with a reasonable interest rate and no annual fee. There is no other real benefit to it other than rebuilding but, it usually has been available to those with less than perfect credit. Surprised to hear it. The "balance transfer" options everyone gets exCitied about is only for awhile then you kick to the real rates. I would NOT select a card because of balance transfer options. The annual fee and interest rate over time are the key. Good luck in your pursuit of credit card(s) that fit your needs. You might think about "secured" cards that will graduate you to the non-secured cards. Bank of America, Citi Bank and Capital One are reasonable and they don't rip you off.
Comment 2 by meya
Re: Denied User Icon on 2010-05-25

Remarks I think it is time to slow it down. You are going to start getting denials from every application you apply for. Keep what you got and work on payment history.
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