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Written by: vingstar on 2010-05-16

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vingstar's review: After applying for & recieving my Capital One secured MasterCard I felt empowered enough to apply for the Capital One No Hassles Miles Rewards Visa. I'm not holding my breath assuming that I'm going to be approved but having been approved for the secured card gave me hope.

The fact that I've gotten a 2nd chance with Capital One makes me feel gratefull.

I have a good feeling about this latest application. So IF I'm approved then I will stop applying. I'll have 3 cards & that's all that I want. My credit situation has vastly improved & my intention is for it to continue to improve.

There's a lot to be said about 2nd chances. Don't want to mess it up this time around.


Comment 1 by patrick12
Re: Applied This Evening on 2010-05-16

I believe with Capital One, there is a waiting period of 45 days before you can reapply for any other of their card products, I do hope you get approved though, I think Capital One is a great company to re establish with!
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Applied This Evening on 2010-05-23

Keep us posted on the results. Understand your desire to have good credit. Lot's of help on this site with questions.
Comment 3 by meya
Re: Applied This Evening on 2010-05-25

Its a start, congrats! When you get a chance can you please add your scores so that others may benefit. I will add it to your original review as soon as I see your response. Thanks so much!
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