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Written by: faith on 2010-04-29

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faith's review: Callout Comment I've had the card for 2 years now and limit has gone from $8500 to $17600, get CLI every 4 months. The rewards are great, have cashed in numerous times for money cards or restaurant gift cards. Great card!!!


Comment 1 by creditslip
Re: Two Year Anniversary User Icon on 2010-04-29

Remarks You know I read your comments and decided to apply... And BAM!! Accepted! $9300 CL... Im looking forward to what Citi's reward program is like.
Comment 2 by flirishpm
Re: Two Year Anniversary User Icon on 2010-04-29

Remarks Can you provide some more information like your credit scores, utilization and the mix/type of accounts you have (mortgage, car loan, etc)?

The reason why I ask, is I've been a Citi customer for over 16 years, make over 100K per year, never late, never over limit, no BK ever, no liens ever, no collections ever and my reports are squeaky clean (in the 700's). However, CitI will not budge nor increase my credit line (currently sitting at $5,810 and have been for almost 10 years).

I'd like to know the secret to getting a $17,600 CL with Citi if you don't mind sharing.
Comment 3 by colonative
Re: FLIrishPM User Icon on 2010-04-29

Remarks Do you wait for them to do an auto CLI?

If you manage your account online, you can click on Tools & Services and select Request a Credit Line Increase.

That is how most people get CLI's with Citibank.
Comment 4 by flirishpm
Re: Two Year Anniversary User Icon on 2010-05-05

Remarks Yes, I do manage my account online and I have requested a CLI in the past (last time was approximately 1 year ago-May 2009). I was denied a CLI by Citi claiming I had 'too many recent inquiries'... At the time, I had 5 hard inquiries in my Experian report all more than 1 year old, 1 each for Transunion and Equifax that were less than 6 months old.

So, anyone getting $17k credit lines from Citicards has to be doing something right. I'd just like to have more information on how it's done.
Comment 5 by meya
Re: Two Year Anniversary User Icon on 2010-05-13

Remarks Wow, now that is a limit right there... Lol!
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