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Written by: brammy on 2007-08-30

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brammy's review: Callout Comment I must have a hybrid of this one (special invitation only) and the regular HSBC cash back or something n between. I rec'd a pre app for this card and was a little hesitant to apply. My previous experience with the regular Household Bank MasterCard had left a bad taste in my mouth. I have no problem closing an account that is not in my best interest.

I was really looking for a cash back card and this one offered 2% on everything. I compared the offer I had to all other cash back cards I was interested in, including Amex, and was surprised that the interest rate was not only competitive but a little better at 13.9%. Since I don't do annual fee cards as a rule, that is a given.

Totally prepared to call customer service and cancel immediately when the 'You have been approved for 300.00' popped up on the screen. I think I said an expletive when the approval came up with 5K instead. I did call cust service only to ask if the limit really WAS 5k. Just never knew these guys to be big on limits over 1K.

So far so good. Only had the card for almost six months and think I just recd my second or third cash back check. (I only claim them for a min of 50.00) 0% interest for the first 12 mos doesn't hurt either.

I hope this one holds up to the hype. So far so good. I love the card and use it for everything. I intend on keeping it for a good long time as long as HSBC and I can remain friends and on amicable terms.

I really wish they would consider American reps though. They had them for a short time.

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Comment 1 by meya
Re; Brammy User Icon on 2007-08-30

Remarks I don't think I have seen this card Brammy. Good looking out. HSBC only offers me the same card I already have... Orchard. I have been having Orchard for 4 years and only had $300 to start and now I am at a measly $1300. Good Lord they take their time with limit increases. I called in to close the card but insteasd received a 8.99% apr from 23%. I knew I was not going to close the card but I was tired of the apr. I never really tripped off of aprs because I always pay in full within 2-3 months and put the cards in sock drawers after that for about 8 months or so. Believe it or not, I am a debt card user. Once the money is gone you don't owe anyone but yourself.
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