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Written by: mike_r on 2010-04-18

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mike_r's review: Was looking for another card and came across this website. Feeling encouraged, I applied 4/11/10 and was instantly approved. I called a few days later and found out my cl was $500. My eq and tu scores were 636. I got a car loan right after bk7 which I believe have helped my scores. My bk7 was discharged 8/2009, had a lot of inquiries though and am going to take a break. I have 3 other cards with highest limit being 500. I know I have to be patient but it is tough. Thanks to everyone who has written a review, You've helped me.


Comment 1 by meya
Re: Approved After Bk7 on 2010-04-19

Congrats and welcome to the Hooter's family! Thanks for your info!
Comment 2 by purplepwr
Re: Approved After Bk7 on 2010-04-19

What is a safe credit score for a bank to notice you to offer you one of their credit cards
Comment 3 by meya
Re: Approved After Bk7 on 2010-04-21

Re: Purplepwr, here is the link where all questions in regards to credit cards can be posted. You will get a much faster response and can find valuable info about many types of credit cards. Hope this helps!

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