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Written by: nckuttoomm on 2010-04-14

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nckuttoomm's review: I was approved by this card when my credit record was deep down to 600~620 (Jun 2009). The length of credit history was 18 months. Average hard inquiries is 2. There was a 30-day delinquency in my record but I didn't know because I didn't know anything about the credit report.

They approved me with 300 in credit line and gave me a raise to 500 after three months. After that, even the black mark was taken away, my max credit line is 2.5k and the average CS is close to 723, they still refused to give me any increase.

Situation now has become very tricky. Maybe I should just close this card for the credit line is too low and I have to pay the annual fee. But it seems that to close an account is a black mark in record. I really shouldn't apply this card before I solved that delinquency problem.

For people who are not be able to fix the black mark like me, I would recommend this card for this card is truly a very nice deal when your credit record is bad.


Comment 1 by meya
Re: Approved on 2010-04-14

Good info! You are so correct! This is one of my favorite cards.
Comment 2 by nckuttoomm
Re: Approved on 2010-05-31

I closed this account several days ago. The reason I decided to close it is because they refused to give me a credit line increase & they refused to waive the annual fee.
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