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Written by: daphneyt on 2010-04-11

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daphneyt's review: Callout Comment I have recently been trying to bring my credit score up because I want to buy a new home, my credit score was 547 with exp 598 eq and 607 with tu, I was unable to get a credit card, I began to monitor my credit thru freecreditreport.com and disputed a couple of old baddies on each individual credit report. My credit scores went up to 633 exp 615 equifax and 633 transunion.  I was told that one of the reasons my scores were lower was because I didn't have any credit cards so I applied for Orchard, and was rerouted to the secured card and was told to mail out a security deposit which I did, I sent 300.00 for my secured deposit. I waited anxiously for 2 weeks to find that I was denied a secured card due too something they found on chexsystems from an old checking account. I applied to capital one and hooter, capitalone denied me and hooters is still awaiting processing, I was ready to give up when I got an email to reapply to orchard credit card I decided what the heck and this time I was sent over to a regular credit card they asked for $19 for the fee, and today I found out I was approved for 320.00 I'm so excited this is a great opportunity to fix my credit


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Denied Than Approved User Icon on 2010-04-11

Remarks Congrats! I can only imagine how confused and frustrated you were... Now they run Chex System... Good grief... This whole credit thing stinks. Glad you hung in there. It takes time to build credit and a quick fix is likely not in order. Not sure what it takes for a house today. Patience it my motto.
Comment 2 by cfmdev49
Re: Denied Than Approved User Icon on 2010-04-12

Remarks Glad u got the card... One thing... When we refinaned... The loan officer at SunTrust Bank said 720 minimum FICO was required...
Comment 3 by brian23
Re: Denied Than Approved User Icon on 2010-04-15

Remarks Chexsystems? That is nuts. How on earth do the 2 correlate with eachother? I could see if you were opening up a savings acct with them that they would need chexsystems, but any other reason is crazy.
Comment 4 by kiejon9
Re: Denied Than Approved User Icon on 2010-04-18

Remarks Chexsystems? That is nuts but Congrats
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