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Written by: paula on 2007-08-30

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paula's review: Just wanted to say that I've been watching and reading this bulletin board for the past four months and I finally decided to post. Thanks to everyone’s comment about this card and the American Express Green Card I decided to apply. I was approved for both (my credit scores are sitting around the mid 600's. I don’t know what my credit limit is with the Hooter’s card but I hope its high enough to transfer a few balances from other cards that have outrages interest rates.


Comment 1 by meya
Re: Paula on 2007-08-30

Congrats Paula!*******Halt before you transfer any balance to this card****** They do have high AAAP
PPPPRRRRRSSSSSS's which can run as high as 29%. Please... For CHRIST SAKES wait unitl you see your APR!
Comment 2 by paula
Update on 2007-08-31

Contacted Hooters and found out that my credit limit is $4K with an 18.24% apr, this will allow me to transfer my balance from my Chase Southwest Card that is currently sitting at 26% because I was late once two years ago. Thanks again to everyone on this site for their input and advice.
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