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Written by: mizzcc1 on 2010-04-05

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mizzcc1's review: I was so shocked!!! I was reluctant to apply for this card because I am only 20 years of age and I already have 9 credit card accounts. I keep MOST of my balances low, however there are a couple of them that have a little over 50% utilization. I decided to go ahead and go for it. It took about 45 seconds to process, then it said "Congratulations, you've been approved". My stomach literally did a back flip! I received a 1,500 credit limit and I think they pulled TU. My score is currently 668. I love it because of the 5% cash back!!!


Comment 1 by joeyman
Re: Approved on 2010-04-05

Congrats! Do you mind listing your other cards? I'm 19 and thinking about applying for an AMEX soon. I just like to hear other people's cards. :))
Comment 2 by mizzcc1
Re: Approved on 2010-04-06

AMEX is hard to get for someone so young. I've tried twice and have been declined twice. I would start off with other cards and let them mature for about a year or two before I apply for an AMEX. Your chances of getting one now is slim to none. Just make sure that you get a card or two and KEEP YOUR BALANCES LOW AND PAY ON TIME!!! But I currently have a BOA student Visa, Capital One Visa and Mastercard, Citibank Visa, Best Buy, Jcpenney, Home Depot, Walmart, and Discover (the one I just got approved for :-)
Comment 3 by joeyman
Re: Approved on 2010-04-06

Nice! I have a College Rewards Visa (Elan), Capital One Mastercard, and a credit union Visa. My oldest account is the Elan card. I have 18 months history with the card, and a $75 balance. I don't use it anymore because the APR is the highest... My credit union's Visa is the lowest at 9.5%. I use it the most, plus I can do instant payments from my checking & savings accounts online. It works well. In the future I see myself with an AMEX and my credit union Visa - nothing futher. I plan on applying for an AMEX this September... My score is 714 currently.
Comment 4 by kiejon9
Re: Approved on 2010-04-18

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