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Written by: cfmdev49 on 2010-04-01

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cfmdev49's review: I received a pre-approval in the mail for this card. So I applied online but received the dreaded 5-7 day message. Thought I was denied. So I checked the status page at discover.com a few days later and saw that I had been approved for a $6,000 credit line. They pulled TU. My FAKO scores are TU 850 (Vantage score) and Experian 738. Don't know Equifax. I have no baddies, no lates, no BK... Am pretty happy as I have been wanting a discover for a while now... Status page said I would receive the card in 5-7 business days...


Comment 1 by jerica
Re: Approved For Discover More Card on 2010-04-01

Congratulations, I would like to have a Discover card myself but was denied last year. Enjoy the rewards, you have a nice card there
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Approved For Discover More Card on 2010-04-01

WOW! Congratulations! Pretty cool getting a Discover Card with a $6K CL. Nice scores. Enjoy the benefits.
Comment 3 by colonative
Re: Approved For Discover More Card on 2010-04-01

Congratulations, you will be happy with your Discover Card. Don't forget to enroll the card online and sign up for the extra 5% cashback bonus offers that change quarterly.
Comment 4 by credit28
Re: Approved For Discover More Card on 2010-04-03

Congratulations!! On getting your new Discover more card. What are AAoA like and credit limits?
Comment 5 by kiejon9
Re: Approved For Discover More Card on 2010-04-18

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