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Written by: cassandra on 2010-03-17

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cassandra's review: Just received my card yesterday in the mail. I applied for a Best Buy card and got the response so many have that I was denied for the Best Buy card but approved for the MasterCard with a 59.00 annual fee. I accepted it since I am trying to rebuild my credit and currently in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. My credit limit is 300.00. Even after reading other posts I think this will be a good card to rebuild with. I am planning on paying the annual fee then not using the card execept about every 3 months or so to keep it from being canceled. At this time my TU score is 579 after applying for it and a Fingerhut card that I am waiting for. Thanks.


Comment 1 by colonative
Re: Approved on 2010-03-17

Congrats on your approval.

I would use the card each month for about $50; something you would either use a debit card for or pay by a check. Then pay it off right away.

HSBC is not known for giving credit lines on this card, so you can use them and they will use you for a few years then close this bad boy and move on to something better.
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Approved on 2010-03-17

Congrats! Got'a feel good after your other challenges. You can follow the concept of using it and paying off. Then stay close to HSBC and push for CL increases. May not get much but every little bit helps in a rebuild. Might want to think about Capital One in the not to distant future. They have been good about helping challenged credit. Interesting you get denied for the store card and approved for the Mastercard, go figure.
Comment 3 by d98lakefan
Re: Approved on 2010-03-18

HSBC is not doing an cli until October or November on any of the cards which sucks I tried to get em and they did a freeze until they update there systems to be complainiant with the new credit rules
Comment 4 by cassandra
Re: Approved on 2011-03-11

I just received my first increase to 500.00!!!
Comment 5 by cassandra
Re: Approved on 2012-05-23

My credit limit is 900 as of today.
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