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Written by: d98lakefan on 2010-03-14

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d98lakefan's review: Callout Comment I have two of these cards one is a 6050 limit and the other is 5000 they are both two percent cash back. the nice thing bout these ones are they are not rebulding cards they go off your credit. they have no annual fee and when I started out the apr s were 8.9 and 11.4 but when the new credit regulations came out they both went up to 14 perecnt apr that is the lowest you can have in HSBC now apparently. the only thing I don't like now is that HSBC is not doing any credit limit increases on only card until about novemember appapently there systems arent up to date with the new regulations. but these cards are nice with the 2 percent cash back. these cards are better then my other cards with the credit lmit being high on both and no apr. other then the no credit increases right now these cards are very good and I would highly recommend them to anyone.



Comment 1 by meya
Re: These Are Good Cards User Icon on 2010-03-14

Remarks Sounds like Orchard! You just shocked me because I never knew they had limits that high... Lol!
Comment 2 by purplepwr
Re: These Are Good Cards User Icon on 2010-04-19

Remarks Congrats! What was your credit score when you got approved for those limits
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