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Written by: brammy on 2007-08-30

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brammy's review: Callout Comment I applied for my card in Dec of '05. Was really surprised to get it 190.00 limit or not. I have used this card and mostly Paid in full for almost two years but get no recognition from GEMB for being a good customer. I was approved at the highest rate at the time. When I call to inquire if the APR can be lowered, its always no. Never got a limit increase that I didn't ask for so after almost two years this card still sits at 590.00. Kinda cuts you out of those special financing promos doesn't it? Unless of course you want to max it out and take a FICO hit.

I have had multiple credit line increases and acquired new cards over the past two years but WalMart kinda sits there.

What do you need to at least get a workable limit or for that matter a lower APR. Paying in a timely manner should be enough.


Comment 1 by meya
Re: Brammy User Icon on 2007-08-30

Remarks Brammy, I don't know if you signed up with us or not, but we have a member here named ERIC who works for GEMB. Try sending him a message, I bet he could answer some (if not all) of your questions. Wake up Eric, someones comming your way... Lol
Comment 2 by eric
LOL Meya User Icon on 2007-08-30

Remarks I actually read Brammy's reviews about the Dillards card and the Walmart card. I don't know what to say really. I see customers with ok credit get the world and I see people with good credit get crapped on
Comment 3 by brammy
Hey Eric!!! User Icon on 2007-08-30

Remarks LOL!!! I guess I get your explanation. Oh well.
Comment 4 by meya
Re: Eric User Icon on 2007-08-30

Remarks Heheheheh! Bird commercial. But here is one thing that is soooo funny, Dillard's will make a person with the worst credit send their credit cards back. You have more in you pocket than what they are willing to offer you in credit. $300 is the minimum balance that anyone will accept, especially from a store that charges up the ying-yang for their products.
It probably cost $150 just to get a catalog from them.
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