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Written by: kforbes86 on 2010-02-23

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kforbes86's review: Callout Comment I applied for this card, because I think I have e very good chance of being approved from others scores that were approved. I applied and got to the end, and after clicking submit, it said system error. Well after calling, I found out the error had to do with being able to verify my idenity. It happend to me with one other application too, my drivers license number doesn't show up appearantly. After verifying my idenity on the phone, was approved for a $500 line. I cannot seem to get approved for anything over a $750 limit. I really have no idea why that is either.


Comment 1 by meya
Re: Applied..... Error. User Icon on 2010-02-24

Remarks Wow, well congrats on your approval! If you don't mind me asking, what is the highest cl that you currently have on your cc's? If 750 is the highest cl that you currently have, they are probably basing the approval amount according to that. I have heard this before. Lenders are being very skeptical about the initial limit amount that they are willing to offer a consumer. Don't let that discourage you because through good payment history is how our limits rise.

**PS, when you get a chance, can you please add your current credit scores at the time you applied, so that it may benefit others who read your review. Thanks!**
Comment 2 by kforbes86
Re: Applied..... Error. User Icon on 2010-03-10

Remarks I have three cards that are all $750 limit, wells fargo platinum, which was my secured card that unsecured, since I got my wells fargo card unsecured and set at the $750 no one has given me more than that amount for a credit limit. Since then I have gotten an HSBC MasterCard for $750, and a ge money MasterCard for $750. I also have a store card and a hooters card with $300 limits. My scores are in the low 600's now. Up 100 points from a couple years ago.
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