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Written by: yanira on 2007-08-29

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yanira's review: Callout Comment I went on the Orchard site and did the see which card I could qualify for thing and sure enough they approved the gold! Now I'm jealous I started out with the Silver!! No fair! Just kidding... I saw first hand what the Orchard CC did for me so I had to get this for my hubby. I also purchased his official FICO scores and here is what they are... Exp: 603, eq: 590, trans: 540. The transunion score is much lower I don't know why. I applied for these cards because of Meya's wonderful information on them dropping authorized users. Right now I have him on a few of my accounts and I wanted him to have his own before his score hits the floor. I highly recommend this card for rebuilding your score, it worked wonders for me.


Comment 1 by eric
Re: Yanira User Icon on 2007-08-29

Remarks Congrats Yanira... I also noticed that Orchard/Household are now letting cardholders add auth users. My wife who has decent credit just signed up for the Hall of Fame Gold Visa through HSBC. And added me on as a auth user without them wanting me to be added as a primary. The pickybacking thing was a good idea. I agree w/Meya about a lot of rebuilding are credit the long and hard way but unless you know somebody personally that would lety you piggyback on there AMEX or Discover then you had to pay for those services. Anywhere from $1000-$3000. I found a few websites that did those services.

Comment 2 by meya
Re: Yanira User Icon on 2007-08-29

Remarks Congrats again! You are doing the right thing for him by letting him gain his own credit experience. Uh oh, looks like to me that your hubby may pass us all up... Lol. Stay on him about the utilization and everything else (you know what I mean), you know how husbands are, they tend to go overboard and then come back to us crying about..."I need help." No offense men, just speaking from my experience... Lol.
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