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Written by: dodpolice on 2010-02-13

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dodpolice's review: Callout Comment Tried applying several times and keep getting an error page? 717 equifax, 717 experian, 726 transunion.


Comment 1 by kdb030609
Re: ?? User Icon on 2010-02-13

Remarks Maybe their website did you a favor and saved you a hard pull on your CR. I would slow down on the application spree! You don't need them unless you just like the novelty of the Hooters card. I know their wings are pretty good as well the scenery inside the resturant is rather pleasing! LOL! You've got some good cards already! The Chase and Capital One cards are a good starting point. If your credit history is fairly new let them grow a little over time. You have good scores that to many hard pulls will pull your score down. Especially if you have a short credit history.
Comment 2 by colonative
Re: Agree With KDB User Icon on 2010-02-14

Remarks If you have a Chase card and Capital One, don't bother with Merrick Bank. You don't want to end up with a card that may have an annual fee.
Comment 3 by mskiwi
Re: Scores User Icon on 2010-02-15

Remarks May I ask where you got your scores? Are these FICO because you can't get FICO scores for EX since Feb of last year. This will help other members to decide to try for credit. If these are FACO scores then they don't mean much, since FAKO scores can vary up to 100 points.
Comment 4 by dodpolice
Re: ?? User Icon on 2010-02-15

Remarks They were from experiandirect?
Comment 5 by hjm331
Re: ?? User Icon on 2010-02-18

Remarks The only way you can view your FICO scores is to buy them from myFICO.com. The scores you have there are what are considered "FAKO's" which base your scores on their own scoring system rather than the FICO scoring system.
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