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Written by: kajealba on 2010-01-12

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kajealba's review: Callout Comment Approved for a $1000 limit with an ExP 655 EQ 626 TU 628. I have a two Capital One cards with a total of $2000 CL, a Household Card for $500, a Best Buy Charge account for $600, Credit One for $450 (which I plan to close), Kay & Jared Cards each $1500, a Care Credit Charge Card for $4800. I claimed Chapter 7 back in 2006, nothing bad since then, except for a tax lein from a previous business I am trying to pay off. I have been rebuilding. I also got approved for a walmart card $500 limit and another Household Card for a $750 limit which I haven't received yet. I do have a current auto payment for a year, but never had a mortgage. I have quite a few (8) inquiries in the last month, and I have since quit applying for anything. The Kay, Jared, and Carecredit were all in the last 3 weeks. Hooters I felt was very generous with their credit Line. I got the 7-10 day message and assumed I was denied. Call customer service a week later and they said I was approved. They wouldn't give me the CL over the phone. Got my card in the mail today (1-12-10) Applied on 1-1-10.


Comment 1 by kiejon9
Re: Approved! User Icon on 2010-01-12

Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Approved! User Icon on 2010-01-13

Remarks Congrats...! Seems we know someone who has been shown some luv since the big BK!
Comment 3 by joeyman
Re: Approved! User Icon on 2010-01-16

Remarks That's amazing how many cards you have after the '06 Chapter 7. Did you have some of those prior and kept a few?
Comment 4 by hjm331
Re: Approved! User Icon on 2010-01-16

Remarks Congrats! You will be alright as long as you keep all of your accounts current and keep util. Low.

Also, make sure you don't go on any app sprees because you have plenty of accounts to work with. Just keep what you have now and keep making your payments on-time.
Comment 5 by kajealba
Re: Approved! User Icon on 2010-01-27

Remarks I didn't have any of these cards before my Chapter 7. I had claimed about 6 cc's of my own in the BK(Amex, Capital One, HSBC, etc), as well as a large amount of business debt.. Also in 2001, when I was 18, I was joint a a few of my parents accounts which were claimed in a CH 7. The total on these cards was over $150,000 (from Chase, Citi, Cap One, and others). I have tried to get them removed from my report, as I thought I was only an AU, but have been unsuccessful. They all have perfect payment histories for about 10 years and didn't show any lates, but they do list as included in bankruptcy. Also, the Hooters card gave me no annual fee, with a APR of around 13%. I have sine used the card and paid it off, and was please with the website usability and quick posting payment. I have also since closed my credit one and my household, as the credit one had way to many fees.
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