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Written by: krave on 2009-12-27

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krave's review: Callout Comment Applied in the store (with all the "After-Christmas Sale going on and long lines at the check-out counter) with several items I intend to purchase. I already filled out an application form in advance and handed it to the cashier.

She took my application, asked for an ID (gave her my DL) and typed in my info. I was just taking my chances on this one, not really sure if I would get approved because of limited credit history. I was surprised and happy when she informed me that my application was approved with $700 credit limit plus I got 10% discount for all my purchases on that day! I'm looking forward to experience all the benefits of being a JC Penney Card member.

I wonder if they give automatic CLIs or I have to call and request?...


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Approved Instantly! User Icon on 2009-12-27

Remarks Congratulations! This is an GEMB Money Bank Credit Card. They are all over the place on dealing with customers. I have a JCP Card with them since since May 2008 and love it. They have a "luv" button on their online website that you can use. I have been a customer for 18 months now and moved up to $1,800 CL from $1,000. I waited 13 months before hitting the "luv" button and I do use the card. Your starting credit line is pretty good. Use it for six months and they may increase you (they claim after four months but they have been pretty strange lately).
Comment 2 by krave
Re: Approved Instantly! User Icon on 2009-12-27

Remarks Thanks! I'm really excited with this store card, because of the discounts offered, and I really like shopping at JCP.

Thanks for the tip about the "luv" button. :-) Maybe I'll try to be patient for 1 year before hitting it.
Comment 3 by kiejon9
Re: Approved Instantly! User Icon on 2009-12-27

Remarks Congratulations!
Comment 4 by wanderer
Re: Approved Instantly! User Icon on 2009-12-27

Remarks JCPenney (GE Money Bank) update. I hit the "luv" button and was increased from $1,800 CL to $2,400 CL. Maybe GE Money Bank has found some love again. Like I mentioned earlier they have been very strange lately. Last "luv" button hit was May 2009.
Comment 5 by meya
Re: Approved Instantly! User Icon on 2009-12-27

Remarks Congrats, very good card to grow with. Had no problem with them from day one. The more you shop, the faster you will upgrade to their platinum card. I noticed that when I slowed down from shopping with them, they reduced my standards to a gold card, but encourage me to shop more to earn the platinum benefits back. I ignore that part, I don't shop to much anyway anymore... Lol!
Comment 6 by krave
Re: Approved Instantly! User Icon on 2009-12-31

Remarks Thanks KIEJON9 & Meya!

and thanks for the "shopping/spending" tip Meya!

Can't wait to be a Platinum card holder. =)
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