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Written by: addicted on 2009-12-21

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addicted's review: I submitted app and got the seven to ten day response. A week went by and I called and was approved for $300 no annual fee with interest rate at 16%. Not bad for not even being discharged from chapter 7 a year.


Comment 1 by kforbes86
Re: Approved on 2009-12-23

I have tried to get this card twice in the last year and a half since I started rebuilding to and got denied both times. I am waiting another year nowand maybe try again, but I think I have the cards I want to build and grow with now and don't need more. What was your score when they approved you?
Comment 2 by rsty99
Re: Approved on 2009-12-24

Be careful with this one, loved it till about a month ago, final cl was $1200 always paid off each month, new agreements came down for Dec 09, interest rate hike into the mid 20"s and they wanted an annual fee. Had the card for 1 year with no problems, but they can have it back due to the annual fee that I didn't have before this change letter, canceled it the same day.
Comment 3 by rockin35
Re: Approved on 2009-12-24

Same here... I have had my card over a year, no Annual Fee, but with the new Credit Agreement laws/regulations... I got my letter earlier this month. APR is going to 18%. I only use the card occassionally and always pay it off.
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