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Written by: farmgirl on 2009-12-21

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farmgirl's review: I applied online, and it said it would notify me in writing within 20 days... Probably denied.


Comment 1 by farmgirl
Denied on 2009-12-22

I called them this morning, and they said I had been enied and would be getting a letter explaining why.
Comment 2 by kforbes86
Re: Applied Online- Waiting... on 2009-12-23

This would be a cool account to have to rebuild with. What are your scores like? Maybe I could suggest some accounts to rebuild with that you would be approved for. I have experience with a lot of them in my last year and a half of rebuilding myself. Let us know what it says when you get the letter.
Comment 3 by farmgirl
Re: Applied Online- Waiting... on 2009-12-24

Scorewatch says my FICO score is 569. My fakos are ex 641, EQ 572, and TU 584. I have one paid old public recor that has nothing to do with a bill of any type, and my student loan which I just paid off and has not reported yet. I have no revolving accounts of any kind.
Comment 4 by kforbes86
Re: Applied Online- Waiting... on 2009-12-24

I would suggest going to householdbank.com and seeing which card you are pre-qualified for. Seeing what your eligible for wont even be a hard inquary. I have one of theire cards now and it has been good for me.
Comment 5 by farmgirl
Re: Applied Online- Waiting... on 2009-12-28

Got the letter today- they denied me for not having a long enough revolving credit history- I have no revolving credit history, lol- that was why I applied to them haha... They pulled EQ.
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