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Written by: svetlana on 2007-08-26

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svetlana's review: Callout Comment Terms and conditions state that Platinum Plus Credit Card will be with 9.9% APR and Preferred account with 15.99%. I was approved for Platinum Plus with 9.9%, and received one, but only instead 9.9% I received 15.99%. And now nobody can give me an answer - why in their Terms Platinum Plus has 9.9%. I actually had one answer that they don't know anything about this lower as 9.9% APR. Here I am - I have to cancel the Credit Card, because I think if they can't keep their word and change conditions anytime when they want - it's a very bad business.
Only one what I can say - their Customer Service is very friendly, polite and nice to talk to.


Comment 1 by meya
Re: Svetlana User Icon on 2007-08-27

Remarks Hi Svetlana, there are many factors that can be the reason why you received a higher apr rate but the main reason will be how the creditor rated your credit background. When you apply for a card at a low apr, it does not neccesarily means that you are guarnateed to receive it. That is the lowest they will offer to those with good-excellent credit backgrounds. Don't quote me wrong or anything, I am not familiar with your credit background and I am not stating that you have flaws in them, I am just giving an example of why you probably received a higher apr. Congrats on your approval and I am so sorry to hear that you went through such crisis with them.
Comment 2 by jjennydean
RE Meya User Icon on 2007-09-20

Remarks TO let you know I did not get all my cards at once its taken a while,I just wanted to list my sucesses like this card 1500 limit. Merrick use to be an easy card to get. Lord and taylors is another. Bloomingdales is a easy one, Credit One is easy to get. Soon I will list all my DENIALS.
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