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Written by: annie111 on 2009-11-16

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annie111's review: Callout Comment I was so greatful I was able to intercept my 18 year old daughters card when it came in the mail. The way it was packaged in a brochure that read. You are now an angel. That you receive 1 point for every dollar spent. When you have 250$ on the card They give the kid a"more exclusive Vip card and 10$"

Considering the interest is( In the not so fancy page of fine print) 25%, they are giving you back 10$ of the 60 some bucks in interest they are getting paid over and over... Slip it to kids before Obama's credit card rules kick in.

I work at a hospital and brought the brochure in to warn other parents... What a sleazy company.


Comment 1 by eldarwen
Re: Targeting Naive Teenagers User Icon on 2009-11-16

Remarks It is a good thing that your child is trying to establish a credit rating before the new rules come into effect. How responsible is your child with money? Is she a good child? Instead of taking away the card or intercepting it, you are doing your relationship with your child no favors, talk to her about the importance of paying the card off every month or if she doesn't use it often, pay it off when the bill comes then the interest rate is a non issue because she paid it off in full (then not throwing money away just because of interest). I hope you realize that opening your 18 year old's mail and reading it before she does is a felony and a way to break her trust in you even though you might be 'trying' to protect her best interest.
Comment 2 by tia530
Good Starter User Icon on 2009-11-16

Remarks Hello,

congrats on your daughters Angel Card approval, at 18 she is considered an adult in the credit world, thereby able to apply for and receive whatever card she's approved for. I have a teen son who has his own debit card that will convert to a regular credit card eventually. The debit card designed for teens to learn about responsible money management, savings and the importance of acquiring/maintaining good credit.

I have the Angel Card, when I charge something I pay in 2 installments making the second payment in full. They have good coupons and a nice point system. Using the credit granted responsibly will result in a nice CLI which I was granted automatically.

I am of the opinion that if your teen daughter is of sound state of mind, she's entitled to her card.

Comment 3 by rockin35
Re: Targeting Naive Teenagers User Icon on 2009-11-16

Remarks I say let her keep it for a while and you monitor her spending on the card. This is a good way for her to start building her own credit history.

I think I was 18 when Macys' gave me an instore student credit line of $100.

Whatever you decide to do, good luck...
Comment 4 by meya
Re: Targeting Naive Teenagers User Icon on 2009-11-16

Remarks Well, I can agree with your argument with the apr being high and all, and I also agree with you Eldarwen, but I just have one question Annie11, did this company just send her a card, or did she apply for it herself?
Comment 5 by kdb030609
Re: Targeting Naive Teenagers User Icon on 2009-11-17

Remarks I agree establishing good credit is important. The questions I believe is important! Is if she is responsible with how she handles money. Also does she have a way to establish her own credit like having a job. Otherwise If her only source of money is you. It defeats the purpose of her having a credit card to establish her own credit rating. Then the only time she needs a credit card. Should be if she is an authorized user. On one of your credit cards for use in an emergency situation. The sooner young adults understand the importance of building and maintaining a good credit rating the better off they'll be. Best course of action would be talk to her about what happened and apologize for opening her mail. Maybe you should tell her about this website and open her eyes a little bit. Eighteen is a tough age for both parent and child. It's like the song says old enough to know better still too young to care. Well good luck.
Comment 6 by colonative
Re: Targeting Naive Teenagers User Icon on 2009-11-18

Remarks Huh, isn't reading other people's mail a crime? I am pretty sure it is. Also, 18 is an adult with the exception of Mississippi and Nebraska which is 21. Folks, we are raising an entire generation of "adults" that are not going to be able to take care of themselves. Can't keep your kid in an incubator all her life, and you won't be around forever.

I for one am thankful that a credit card company took a chance on me when I was 19. Because I was responsible I was able to build my credit and buy my first car and almost 12 years later darned if I don't have almost an 800 FICO score.

Life will come calling sooner or later and it is her life.

Maybe instead of making choices for her, you could educate her on credit. Tell her to buy her naughty nickers and pay them in full for the rewards.

I am so greatful to have the mom I have, I think I need to call her to tell her, thanks!
Comment 7 by mizu
Re: Targeting Naive Teenagers User Icon on 2009-11-19

Remarks Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Victoria's Secret always say "we're not a starter card, you must have another credit card for us to swipe to apply" or something like that? And it can't be a debit/check card. So this may not even be her first card. My guess is she already has at least some established credit.
Comment 8 by eldarwen
Re: Targeting Naive Teenagers User Icon on 2009-11-20

Remarks You are correct Mizu. WFNNB (they issue the Victoria's Secret card) usually doesn't issue cards to people who have no credit. There are people who do slip through the cracks.
Comment 9 by barbaraj80
Re: Targeting Naive Teenagers User Icon on 2009-11-24

Remarks Wow, if I found out my mom opened my mail without my permission I'd be upset. I understand you wanting to look out for your daughter but isn't that setting a bad example?

Just my opinion...=)
Comment 10 by kit022074
Re: Targeting Naive Teenagers User Icon on 2009-12-17

Remarks I think what you did to your daughter is rude and humiliating considering she is 18 years old. The fact that you moniter her mail and make it your business to see what she is receiving is wrong and demeaning... Might want to check areas you cant see there mom, heavens knows she may have a tattoo! Oh my! It was wrong of you to take her credit card and that is theft and opening another perons mail wether you bore them or not is a federal offense. I'm sure in your heart you were trying to save her from the harsh realitys of the world. But if she has been approved for a nice store card like vs(yes I have one and love it )than I'm sure if she can pay for it you should let her take that responsibility. In short, you werent the person to decide that for her. Good luck
Comment 11 by apa guy
Re: Targeting Naive Teenagers User Icon on 2011-09-21

Remarks Be VERY careful about "intercepting" a credit cards in postage paid envelopes addressed to your adult daughter. There are legal issues in play when you tamper with another adult's mail, so I would instead recommend delivering the envelope yourself and taking that opportunity to discuss what credit means for adults.
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