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Written by: gmsnowshoe on 2009-11-12

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gmsnowshoe's review: Callout Comment This has been the worst credit card experience of my life! I had paid for debt protection while having this card for one year - I never missed a payment (however, payments - when made - take more than a week to post to the credit card account). I lost my job and had to activate the debt protection feature. I called two weeks before the bill was due - to activate and to explain that I could not pay. They told me I had to fill out forms (which I never received) and then I had to keep up minimum payments (which, by the way - never are enough to keep you from getting over limit fees - no matter what you do). Now, all debt protection paperwork has been appropriately filed and all is supposed to be okay and at promptly 8:00 am every morning, we receive phone calls from their collection department. I have filed harassment charges against them, and the phone calls do not stop. If I was in a position to pay it off, close the account, and walk away, I would in a hot second. Do not go with this credit card company - it will be the worst experience of your life.


Comment 1 by ari
Re: Worst Credit Card Experience User Icon on 2009-11-12

Remarks Not for anything, but this particular card looks to be one of the worst credit cards out there. Any card offering a 250 initial credit limit then dwindling it down to $72 avail with fees before you even get the card has to be unscrupulous. Shame on them and shame on anyone opening up an account with them. Sorry. : )
Comment 2 by meya
Re: Worst Credit Card Experience User Icon on 2009-11-13

Remarks Sorry to hear that, but coming from this bank, I wouldn't put anything pass them. I do have one question though, did they ever state anything about a certain time frame that insurance forms must be completed so that they can process the info in a timely fashion? I am curious because I always deny the insurance or end up taking it off. Never used it!
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