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Written by: tee on 2007-08-25

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tee's review: Callout Comment I love this card! I have had this card for going on 2 years in it has been great. When my renewal came up they sent me a letter saying congrats and then informed me they would be depositing $25 in my account. They waive the fee the first year and give you $50 and then 2nd year they did not waive the fee, but in actuality I only paid $5. I have earned a lot of money my savings account since I opened this account and you would be surprised how fast it accumulates. I noticed some people talked about there being a secret limit but I have not had any problems. Maybe at the time they were making large purchases the account was to new. I put my cruise on this card which was over $4000 and then several other charges after that, but my larger purchases coincided with the time period in which they saw a pattern of my payment history. I must say AXP has treated me great in all ways since I have had my account! They may not be accepted everywhere but I will keep them for life as one of my main credit cards!

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