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Written by: mizu on 2009-11-07

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mizu's review: Callout Comment I applied for this card so I can take advantage of the 10% off they offer when you are approved. I plan on buying an xbox 360 as a Christmas gift for someone so getting $40 bucks off seems like a good idea.

I was approved for this card on October 18th of this year. I still have yet to receive my card in the mail due to address complications but I should be getting it any day now. I'm excited to have this card but I see so many people saying bad things about the Target card. I will just have to report back in a few months or so after I get some good use out of it.

Does anyone happen to know if they automatically upgrade you to a Target Visa after good payment history?


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Approved, But... User Icon on 2009-11-07

Remarks Congrats! The Big Red might be letting loose. Many on this site start at $200 and never move. You came in at $500! Use it and see what happens!
Comment 2 by meya
Re: Approved, But... User Icon on 2009-11-09

Remarks Don't hold your breath!
Comment 3 by famu93
Re: Approved, But... User Icon on 2009-11-10

Remarks I've had my Target card for about a year now and my initial CL was 200, I got a letter in the mail yesterday saying 'Congrats! We have increased your credit line to 1000'

I had read that they are doing this to prep for the holidays so for those who started at 200 and keep it proper (I stopped using the card back in March because most times my purchase hit 100 and I didn't want to exceed utilization limits for reporting purposes).
Comment 4 by aufanz
Apply User Icon on 2009-11-13

Remarks How do you apply for this card? Is it on the web somewhere or do you have to go in the store?
Comment 5 by meya
Re: Approved, But... User Icon on 2009-11-15

Remarks You can go into the store or apply online. Here is the link to the online application...

https://redcard. Target.com/redcard/content/rcw_choose

Comment 6 by mizu
Re: Approved, But... User Icon on 2009-11-15

Remarks They no longer take applications online. I went into a store and found a front end team leader to go to an unused register with me to fill out all the paper (electronic) work. There is a link on the Target website to "apply online" but it just tells you to go into a store.
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