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Written by: ajay on 2007-08-25

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ajay's review: Callout Comment The only thing I can say is the is The ONE!!!
I love this card sooo much, imagine everything that you spend your money on, do you get anything back>>
Yeah sure, Miles for free ticket to travel where I would have to spend more money when I get there!!!

Points for product that I can live without, plus spend money for all the cool accessories!

And lets not forget the Cash back cards, those are okay.

MOST of the reward cards out there requires you to SPEND MORE money *think about it!!! Who wins the credit card companies and your left with some good memories of your recent vacation and a nice statement at the end of the month!!! Not with this card, all the money you WOULD NORMALLY spend for life essentials, Gas, Groceries, bills(phone, cable, water, ETC...) the list goes on, PLUS those who travel, or have to have the latest gadgets like the iphone, you get money back!!!

1% of your spending goes into a High Yield Savings account that collects *right now 5.00% APR **most banks cannot compete with 5.00% except Citibank E-saving *Which I have too** that you have complete control of. You take money out, when you want too and you can put in money in via direct deposit or transfer!!! Plus no pre set limit when gives you that purchasing power!!! I LOVE THIS ONE!!!

Not too mention, I am not sure if it is still up there, but if you do NOT want to pay the annual fee there is a back door to this!!! AGAIN NOT sure if its still there. If you go to their main website and check the terms and condition, plus the main page where they talk about the one by American Express, it clearly reads and states that there is NO ANNUAL FEE EVER!!! I printed this page up saved it in my file and call their Customer Service line... The lady that I spoke to fought with me for a minute, when I explain this to her and asked her if she had internet and lead her to this page on THEIR WEBSITE, she was at a lost for words and APOLOGIZED then she asked to place me on hold while she talked to her manager!!! LOL in the end, If AMEX ever charge me an annual fee, I would just send them a copy of the print out and they would HAVE TO HONOR IT!!!

Plus I applied for this card Thursday NIGHT and received the card the following Tuesdays.

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