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Written by: kris3538 on 2009-10-17

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kris3538's review: Callout Comment So I have had a Chase Babies R' Us Card since April 2008 ($200 since, and they won't raise my limit... I've never been late...), and I've had a WAMU Card that was apparently bought out by Chase a few months ago, and I only had that card (with a $1000 limit) from November '08 to July '09 because they closed it suddenly without warning, OR any late payments towards them...

Anyways, so I applied for many many credit cards (15 actually, and was approved for I believe 13 of them, but they were mostly store cards like Walmart, Target, etc...) in the beginning of April this year (2009; a little over six months ago) (so many inquiries are on my report until 2011!!!) and Chase would've been one of the creditors to deny me (I believe Citi was the other one to deny me back then...)

So I applied tonight because I seen so many positive reviews on this website, and plus the high chance of approval, so I gave it a try, and I was approved instantly online! I am yet to find out my credit limit, but I was approved!

My current FICO score for Experian is 728 (10/09), while my Equifax score is 660 (10/09.) I am unsure of Transunion but I do not feel like many creditors pull Transunion from my experience/credit reports... My only deliquency is a cable bill from 2005 which was for $125, and the reason for late payment was because I moved and my landlord did not tell me that any of my old mail was still being sent there... I've never disputed it though.

Anyways, so I suggest applying for this card; it seems to have a high approval rating, no annual fee, and I do have a deliquency on my credit report, AND many many hard inquiries (though it HAS been six months... I know they take two yrs to disappear, but ya...) So I do recommend trying for this card, and if Chase does deny you for whatever reason, try again in six months and you will likely be considered with some additional good history!


Comment 1 by kdb030609
Re: Approved But Wow User Icon on 2009-10-18

Remarks Congratulations on the approval. I know its frustrating not to know what CL is going to be. I know that when I applied for both my Chase Cards it took them two weeks on first and a month on the second. Before I got the approval letter and card in the mail. So an instant decision should be in your favor. As far as the Chase taking over WAMU. After they took over in March 2009 I called them in April and asked them to combine my two WAMU cards onto my chase card and they did. It made a cl of $2400. Maybe you can combine one onto the other for better limit. I've also got Visa Signature card from them now also. The CL is $5500. So you never know what you'll get. My scores range from 718-753. I think you'll be happily supprised. I feel like Chase is a conservative bank but they have treated me well so far. I have gotten a few increases from other creditors lately. The largests two CLI's being Citibank at $1500 more now CL $4800 & GE Money Bank $500 more now CL $3500. I think the banks are starting to relax. Knock on wood! LOL!
Comment 2 by hjm331
Re: Approved But Wow User Icon on 2009-10-19

Remarks Congrats on the approval! I would wait for the card to arrive in the mail because calling CS can turn that approval into a denial.

Also, Chase stopped product conversions and account consolidations 4-5 months ago.
Comment 3 by kdb030609
Re: Approved But Wow User Icon on 2009-10-20

Remarks Wow that is a surprise to me! I didn't realize they didn't still do account consolidations. I originally called shortly after they took over WAMU at the end of September 2008. I thought it was something they did on normal basis when requested.

Do you have any other useful information on Chase.
Comment 4 by dm
Re: Approved But Wow User Icon on 2009-10-21

Remarks I've had my Chase Freedom card for 2.5 years now. I received regular CLIs every 5 months until last October when the economy fell apart. The interest rate is high, but I pay in full every month. They've cut back on the rewards, but I still receive a $50 check every 4-5 months. I also have the Chase Amazon Rewards and have been very happy with Chase... Thus far.
Comment 5 by meya
Re: Approved But Wow User Icon on 2009-10-22

Remarks Way to go! Very good info!
Comment 6 by wanderer
Re: Approved But Wow User Icon on 2009-11-06

Remarks Great Card. You will appreciate the benefits. I have pulled about $350 dollars in cash rewards. Got'a luv it! Congrats!
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