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Written by: lyndsay782 on 2009-09-28

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lyndsay782's review: I have had this card for over a year. Never been late on a payment, never missed a payment, and until recently, never gone over limit.

I went over limit when they tacked on this years annual fee. Bill is due on 28th of the month, and the phone calls started on the 8th. They called at least 3-4 times a day, including weekends, and despite my attempt to call them back and ask why I was being bothered before the bill was simply due, all they could say was " we aren't going to stop calling until you pay us". That was on the 20th, 8 days before any payment was due.

Who in the heck harasses you about a bill before it's even due about not paying it? I'm paying this bad boy off and letting it sit in my wallet unused. Harrassing jerks.


Comment 1 by thomas1
Re: Can You Say Harrassers? on 2009-09-29

They are calling you because you are overlimit. Any time you exceed a credit line, they demand that amount overline to be paid immediately.

Stay well below your limit and on time, and you should have no problems.
Comment 2 by colonative
Re: Can You Say Harrassers? on 2009-09-30

Hello. What other cards do you have? Capital One? A Securred card from BofA, Citibank, US Bank or Wells Fargo? If not, I would totally recommend a securred card at this point. This will not be growing with you.

Like THOMAS said, these bottom feeder cards will want any OL amounts paid. But I have never heard of them calling before the payment is even due. Go ahead and pay them off, it sounds like they need the money more then you do.
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