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Written by: wanderer on 2009-09-18

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wanderer's review: WOW! Started with a Bank of America Secured Platinum Plus Visa Card last November 2008. Graduated to an Unsecured BofA Platinum Plus Visa on 08-23-09. Requested a product change/upgrade to a BofA WorldPoints Platinum Plus Visa Affinity Card on 08-24-09. On 09-12-09 I was approved for a new BofA WorldPoints Platinum Plus Visa Affinity Card. BofA did NOT pull a credit check for the product change/upgrade (note they did do a hard credit bureau pull for the secured to unsecured card change on 08-23-09). My credit bureau scores were EQ 704 TU 703 and estimate EX 715 Vantage 761.


Comment 1 by colonative
Congratulations! on 2009-09-20

You are moving up. May I ask what the credit line is? Meaning, did they give you a CLI when it became unsecured?

With the upgrade, did your account number change?

Congrats again!
Comment 2 by wanderer
BofA WP Platinum Plus Visa Upgrade on 2009-09-20

The BofA Platinum Plus Visa Secured Card at the time of being Unsecured maintained the same account number and added $500 to the credit limit. Upon being upgraded through a product change, the entire card and credit card account number was changed. BofA used my same on-line sign in and removed the old account and replaced it with the new World Points credit card account (note after activating the card my old account and history was removed from the credit bureau completely and replaced completely with the new account along with my prior year of credit reporting experience - I lost nothing). I only had to activate the new account by telephoning in and BofA did everything else. Customer service was great and they were very helpful. I felt respected! After all my past many years it felt good!!!
Comment 3 by colonative
That Is Great on 2009-09-20

Glad they did not give you any hassles with your card. I want to upgrade my Gold to a Platinum Plus but I am leary about them closing it or lowering the CL.
Comment 4 by wanderer
BofA Credit Card Upgrades on 2009-09-20

In today's world being invisible to the bank computers, credit bureaus and others seems prudent. I am looking at a secured to unsecured credit card with Wells Fargo Bank at the one year mark in October 2009. Must have 12 months no breaks. Supposedly I will "graduate" to a Wells Fargo Platinum Visa no annual fee and probably better interest rates with a $500 credit line increase added to the secured amount which then becomes unsecured total est. $5,500 CL. The return of the $5,000 they have held with no interest for a year would be nice. Banks are still acting strangely.
Comment 5 by coolkidny
BofA WorldPoints Platinum Plus Visa on 2010-02-08

I contacted Bank of America, today for a product change/upgrade and they upgraded me to the World Points card and am very excited about this
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