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Written by: mathews on 2009-09-18

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mathews's review: First off, I applied with a 686 Fico score which is higher than the majority of people that are looking for this type of card. However, even with a high Fico score, I had a limited credit history. I have plenty of installment loans paid as agreed. However, I didn't have a credit card (revolving credit) in a number of years. By not having a credit card open, it not only lowers your score, but it is difficult to get approved for a revolving line of credit. I had to wait about two-three weeks before they approved me since I had a fraud alert reporting with the credit bureaus. I recently opened up a different credit card through HSBC. HSBC has a much better online service than Indigo as well as a lower interest rate. If you are looking for a credit card with poor credit, I would look at OrchardBankcom or Householdbank.com first. They will pre-approve you by doing a soft inquiry online instantly. Soft inquiries do not affect your credit score. They will let you know everything upfront (interest rates, terms, conditions, and annual fee expected) before you actually apply. With Indigo, you have to apply with a hard inquiry which will afeect your credit and lower your score. Best of Luck to everyone!!! Remember to love each other the best you can. God loves you unconditionally!

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