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Written by: patrick12 on 2009-09-01

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patrick12's review: As I posted Saturday on this card, I applied and was approved, we after calling customer service and speaking to a rep I had to pass on this card, it had a low limit of $300.00 with a $69.00 annual fee, screw that, I have worked way to hard to get my scores and limits up on other revolving lines, they can shove it, especially with a 644 Equifax score


Comment 1 by yellowd1
Not Surprised.... on 2009-09-01

MetaBank... That should justify any doubts... Lol
Comment 2 by meya
Re:Patrick12 on 2009-09-09

I saw this review and I thought it was pretty cool, you didn't need any saving here... Lolz! I know the feeling of high fees, and I can quite understand why you let it go. But, during a rebuilding process, we have to accept things that we don't want. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not talking about the Tribute or Aspen cards, I did not accept them myself, but there are gonna be members with scores and overall credit background worse off (and better) than ours who will have to accept those offers.

Mainly, just make sure that the card is what you are looking for before applying, that will save you on hard hits. I know the terms and conditions look like a blue print of a construction site, but the first few paragraphs should explain the fees. Hate you took the hit, but you saved yourself some money in the long run.
Comment 3 by ari
Gotta Have A Cool Logo on 2009-09-15

I would have to agree w/the previous comment. It has taken me 7+long years to rebuild my credit, but I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I had the ASpire, Applied and Hsbc's w/high fee's. I plugged along, paid on time and I recently got approved for a Citibank(unsecured). You'll get there. But for the love of money, avoid those First Preimer cards. Any card offering you a $300 limit and takes $230 of it in fees is a rip off. Better off getting a secured card. I love credit cards. Hee hee, but even I avoided those. And if the card doesn't have a cool logo, it can't be that great!
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