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Written by: qchau on 2009-07-13

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qchau's review: I just pulled my all scores this June/2009 & I have: 719 (experian), 709 (transunion) & 693 (equifax) - I had dream to have this green AMEX card in my pocket for long time but never got luck at all - with my recently scores above, does anyone thinks or believe I will get approved this time or decline again? (in the past, I got decline 5 times within 3 years) - thanks


Comment 1 by colonative
Try This on 2009-07-14

Hi Kiejon,

Go to the Amex website here:

https://www201. Americanexpress.com/sbsapply/EACQServlet? Request_type=myspecialoffers&PID=13&CRTV=Space150Benefits&PSKU=UADF&BUID=SBS&AFFID=UAUSHPOPENOnly&btct=TAB-OPEN-803-UA-MULTI-RATIONAL

It should ask, "already a cardholder" of course you will click no. Then you enter your information to see if you are pre-approved for anything with them. It should be a soft inquiry so it will not hurt you either way.

Good luck.
Comment 2 by qchau
Re: Colonative / Amex Green Card on 2009-07-15


i had placed SECURITY FREEZE on all 3 credit reports - should I need to call them to unlock my credit files (cost $10/each) before I do it? Thanks
Comment 3 by favour
Amex Approval on 2009-07-18

I would recommend that you get pre-qualified 1st. I was prequalified at American Express https://www201. Americanexpress.com/cards/Applyfservlet? Csi=0/0/b/510 before I actually applied. I was preselected for both AMEX gold and green. When for the Gold! Approved! No-PreSet Spending Limit. They pulled experian and my experian score was 750.

More than likely if you get preselected you will be approved. Was approved 6/2009
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