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Written by: bankcard on 2009-07-11

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bankcard's review: Callout Comment One good think that I like about the company is that they keep on informing you about there new plans and offers. As well as when you have invested in this company they also keep you updated timely.


Comment 1 by colonative
Review? User Icon on 2009-07-11

Remarks Hello,

Could you tell us a little more about your card? Such as how long have you had it, what was the initial limit, what bureau they pulled etc. It helps for others who may be interested in applying for the card.

Also, you gave this card a negative overall satisfaction rating; what about this card do you not like?

I have to say, for a sub prime card, it is good looking.
Comment 2 by meya
Re:BankCard User Icon on 2009-07-12

Remarks Thanks Colo!

Hi BankCard, please provide the information Colo just mentioned above, along with helpful information about your current credit scores or the scores you had when you applied for the card. I will then copy and paste it to your original review, then delete this message from the comment area. If you leave it as is, I will have to move it to the comments area, but the post will still be the same, just in a different area.


Comment 3 by patrick12
Hey Guys User Icon on 2009-07-12

Remarks I am with you on this one, totally uninformative, I must say I have never saw a post quite as vauge as that one, maybe finding this site was the best thing for this member, it has helped me a lot as well! Also wanted to let you guys know, I just got my Kohls card and I love it! Ill keep you posted on this card, as it is issued and serviced by chase Bank!
Comment 4 by lindalu
Looks Like A Credit One Card User Icon on 2009-07-12

Remarks I used to have a credit one bank card and this looks exactly like it... I personally didn't like it... I am not sure what they mean about plans???... They bill the monthly service fee as it is a sub prime card...
Comment 5 by marie7
Credit One Bank User Icon on 2009-09-06

Remarks My experience with Credit One Bank is mixed. I have their unsecured card and it has a measly $200 limit and 5.75 a month fee (yearly fee broken down monthly). I've kept it to rebuild credit, and their fees are not as bad as First Premier. But First Premier's custome service was way better than them.

Tip: If you have Credit One, use online bill pay to avoid their payment fees. They are slow to credit your payments and update their online information... Very slow, so pay early and pay often. I've had this card for 7 months, so hopefully a CLI will come soon so I can use it more often. I do like their card personalization tools... Which are similar to Capital One. Credit One is like a step above 1st Premier and a step below Capital One in terms of fees.
Comment 6 by meya
Re: Marie7 User Icon on 2009-09-07

Remarks I have to agree that their fees are better than most subprimed cards, but I wanted to add, as far as payments posting, mines has never been a problem. I have been with this company for over one year and when I fir$t applied, I do believe I received $250 and I now have $800 with them. They used to give me $200 cli increments, then it went to $100, but they were free. Now they want you to pay $25 for a cli, I don't think so buddie, but that was if you called in and ask for it. I am not for sure if they charge you if they automatically applied it to your account.

You are correct, the customer service is pretty fair, and the card is good to have for rebuilding purposes. I was told by another member here that the limit stops at $1k, I have not reached that level as of yet, but when I do, I will update with a comment about it.

As far as online bill pay, let me make sure I have this straight, you are talking about auto bill pay from your checking account right? If not, I don't recommend paying them online because they charge you a fee for it. When I first made a payment online, I saw a charge of (I believe) $5.95, so I thought that I had made a charge and my dumb behind paid that again online, then came another charge of $5.95 so I decided to call them and was told that those charges were for paying online. I have been writing them a check ever since. I think it is crazy for banks to charge us to pay online, I mean isn't that like "Going Green?" That is easy access for them and us. Give me a break!

One more thing, my payments posts before it clears my bank. If I mail them a check on a Monday (for example) I receives and email like 2 days later saying that a payment has posted to my account. It may be because I don't stay far from the processing center, or that they may bank with the same one I do. Which ever it is, I just wanted to add that I have never had a slow payment with them.
Comment 7 by ari
Credit One User Icon on 2009-09-15

Remarks I have had a creditone bank card for years. They charge like $6 to pay online. $900.00 limit. The 6.50 fee per month is a pain but I never use the card, I won't close it because I've had it for so long. I usually pay them 13.00 every 2 months so I don't have to worry about paying the next month. And yes, its a decent looking card and they'll even allow you to design your own for $11, don't think so.
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