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Victoria's Secret Angel Credit Card Review
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Written by: lobsterboy on 2009-06-25

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lobsterboy's review: Callout Comment Online instant 500 limit added daughters as AU accounts and they used 2 days later, they give a lot of "points" that apply to purchases so when you spend 250 they ugrade card. Discount coupons are what the kids say is good about card. Very outdated credit sight, payments do not show posted for about 4-5 days. Pulled EX score at time was 763 EX plus. Would never have wasted a pull on this card but it is one that will be uded so I said ok I would.

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Comment 1 by skeewee08
Great Card User Icon on 2009-06-26

Remarks I got this card last month and love it and so will you... Lol... I am only $29.00 away from my upgrade always PIF every 2 weeks... Lol... That reminds me I need to pay the last $38.00

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