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Written by: mrichy555 on 2009-06-24

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mrichy555's review: Callout Comment Like many others it wasn't the card I applied for. I was denied the in store card which I wanted to finance a large HD flatscreen tv (which I ended up paying cash for) I honestly thought I'd have no problem getting the in store card, the avg of my 3 credit scores is 674, which isn't great but I thought good enough to get a best buy card. Shows my ignorance in this matter I suppose.

So I get the MC card approved with a CL of 510 and a 59 annual fee. As somebody rebuilding my credit and the ONLY card I have is a 200 dollar secured orchard card, I thought this isn't bad, I don't like the annual feel, but at my tier it'll have to suffice.

So at that point I do what I normally do with ANY matter in my life, GOOGLE GOOGLE GOOGLE, first link brought me to this site and I must say what a great site this is. Everyone is really helpful and that's a nice thing to find in a world where the war for good credit is an uphill battle.

Anyways so after reading my experiences of calling to reduce AF and increase CL I said lets give it a try. Now, usually I'm a pushover, I don't consider myself a wuss, I mean I train in mixed martial arts a few times a week and all, but I tend to be too nice and a bit of a push over. My girlfriend calls me a phone wuss *shrugs* Anyways, point is I would have accepted the offer as is if it wasn't for this site, but after reading up I called and went through the motions.

Told them I was not liking th 59 annual fee for a 510 CL and if they are willing to work with me maybe I wont close the account. I was transferred to a supervisor who told me she was unable to give me a CLI but was able to knock my AF down to 29. I told her thank you for the offer but I would need a CLI to stay, so she can just go ahead and close my account. At that point she said "Well let me see what I can do" and put me on hold for literally 5 seconds. I have no clue what she was able to do in 5 seconds but she came back and said after a 2nd review she would give me a 200 CLI.

So...29 dollar AF with a 710 CL did not seem too bad for this card so I accepted, much happier then my first offer.

I feel this was a nice little victory and it kind of made my day. Just wanted again great site it helped me out alot, and anyone who wants this card, get that AF reduced and CL increased... It works!!!


Comment 1 by hjm331
RE: User Icon on 2009-06-24

Remarks Congrats on the approval! I would definitely keep that card and use it to build credit. You did good by sticking by your guns and asking for what you really wanted.
Comment 2 by colonative
Wow User Icon on 2009-06-24

Remarks Look at you playing hardball with HSBC, way to go. Congrats on your new card. Hopefully next year they can waive the AF all together.
Comment 3 by tia530
Work It Out User Icon on 2009-07-05

Remarks That's g2g, congrats on your card and bravery, lol. HSBC are known "low ballers" you really worked that to your advantage. Had this card 2 years sit'n on a 350$ CL & 59$ AF which I've paid already this year, you've encouraged me to see what I can "work out"... Thanks, great info!

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