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Written by: deborah on 2007-08-22

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deborah's review: Callout Comment Thanks to this site I am pleased to say that I am having good luck in applying for and being approved for a few new cards to help build my credit back up (filed Ch 7 in '04 due to illness and loss of work). Started w/ First Premier Visa and Orchard Bank Master last year, then Applied Bank Card Visa in Jan '07. I know that the fees were high, but they certainly helped me get started. Now scores are still a little low (Exp 613, Eq 632, Trans 651) but better than the past 2 years. Orchard even sent me and approved me for their new Platinum Visa w/ cash rewards just last week! Thanks to this site I no longer get "Sorry" preceding all my applications, a few of those are... Anything w/ Citi... I don't even bother (I'd love a Home Depot because I'm renovating a historical home built in1850 w/ 4500 sq ft home) but their financed by Citi... And seems I am always turned down, and Chase has a question  before you even start their app re: any Bankruptcy! Now I have... Target, Dillards, Walmart, thanks to this site. I am waiting for an answer from Lowes (I love doing my own home improve's) I am pretty sure they are financed via  GEMB. Thanks again... Glad I found this site. Love to read the chat!!! Oh I did apply for Amex (silly w/ my scores)... Had one about 20 yrs ago... Closed it. They have been reviewing my app for 1 1/2 wk. Before my illness credit was pretty good...3 paid off auto loans, other paid installments, and current credit cards. I have a good job w/ decent pay... We'll see!!!

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Comment 1 by meya
Re: Deborah User Icon on 2007-08-22

Remarks Way to go Deborah! We are pleased to hear your responses and information. I am just like you when it comes to CITI Cards, I don't even bother. Deborah, sign up for the Instant Messaging here at Financial Globe, we will love to have you here and we have a great member (Eric) who is well knowledged about GEMB. When you do sign up, make sure that you use the same name that you reply to on the card review so that we can better identify you. I have my fingers crossed for you with the AMEX card, there are members here who are well experienced with AMEX as well (Brian1, Eric, theo... Etc). Keep us updated with your approvals or whoever denied you so that other members can have a better view to apply or not to apply. Thanks Deborah and good luck!
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