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Written by: lkazzie on 2009-06-05

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lkazzie's review: Callout Comment I have one settlement and I paid off my other credit card then closed it. I have been without a creditcard for 6 months and finally decided to rebuild my credit. I applied for two other cards at the same time as this one. The first was a US Bank student credit card and the second was a Hooters creditcard. I was instantly denied for both but was approved for this card after getting the 7-10 day message. My scores at the time were: EX 600 EQ 583 TU 597. My credit limit is $300 with a $59 annual fee.


Comment 1 by wanderer
CONGRATS! User Icon on 2009-06-05

Remarks Great place to start rebuilding. Had the same card. Got my CL up to $800 and I was able to open other cards. Capitalone, HSBC, and some brand names over time.
Comment 2 by brian23
I Hear... User Icon on 2009-06-05

Remarks Out of all the re-builder cards, this is the best one to start with... So, congrats you are on your way to good credit now...
Comment 3 by lkazzie
CLI User Icon on 2009-06-06

Remarks Wanderer, if you don't mind me asking, how long did it take you before you got a CLI with them. Do they report timely?
Comment 4 by wanderer
Orchard CL Increases User Icon on 2009-06-06

Remarks Your stretching my memory. Seems like there were three increases over a year. The first one was $150 in four or so months and then I checked in with them on a regular bases. Second increase was $150 and the third one was $200. Then I moved on to the next card level. Capitalone and HSBC. Today I have an HSBC MC with $6,000 CL and 8.99% APR Purchase and an HSBC AX with $8,000 CL and 8.99% APR Purchases. Lot's of folks on this site have not been happy with HSBC. I worked my way up from a BK 09/2001 and I kept graduating (so to speak) with HSBC. Treated them right was patient and was able to get them to work with me. Also today I have BofA, Chase and Wells Fargo. It took seven years for the big names to even give me a secured card. Note I BK'ed with $200K against the banks.
Comment 5 by lkazzie
Big Thanks! User Icon on 2009-06-06

Remarks Thanks for the info Wanderer! I appreciate it! Patience is going to be my best friend on my rebuilding journey!
Comment 6 by lkazzie
Customer Service Has Gone Crazy! User Icon on 2009-06-17

Remarks Okay, so I would have to say the card has been good, but everytime I've called customer service reguarding this card I seriously just want to hang up. The customer service is friendly but extremely pushy about enrolling you into all these programs they have to offer for a $1.00 30 trial and just $19.99 every month after that. Their excuse for insisting that I enroll in their programs is because I have one of their rebuilder cards! It's really getting on my nerves when I call to ask a question about my account and end up getting enrolled into another program that I'll just have to cancel in 30 days. By the way, they talk really fast with an accent so you'll have to really pay attention to understand them. I think that I'll stop calling customer service for a while until I get a chance to cancell all the programs that I was enrolled in or I just lose track of them all.
Comment 7 by lkazzie
Payment Holds! User Icon on 2009-06-23

Remarks I've only had this card for a couple of weeks but I'm already experiencing frustrating issues with this company. When I read about the payment holds on my terms and conditions contract, I didn't really think twice about it until it happened to me. I made two payments within a 2 week time frame and had one of my payments put on hold for 14 days. Called them up and they told me it was my bank that they were waiting for, but my bank already told me that everything is good on my end. After telling them so, they then gave me a different reason why I had a payment hold. I got fed up and asked them the specific reason why my payment went through, was applied to my account, but yet I still had a hold in the amount of $200.00 that was not available for my use. They told me that they don't know the reason and that it could be due to numerous reasons. Anything could have triggered a hold on the account. Then I asked them to take the hold off since it's been 8 days since the hold period started and they told me they have no way on undoing it (Note: This was an account manager that I was talking to not the customer service rep). I am frustrated with this card and personally DO NOT RECOMMEND IT! You probably won't know until you try, and I know some people really like the card since they got lucky and never encountered any payment holds that can just add stress in the event of trying to rebuild your credit.
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