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Written by: chicago09 on 2009-06-05

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chicago09's review: Callout Comment Opened this account 6/07. $1,300 CL and 0% for 6 months then 14.9% after.$0 AF. Had no problems to report the first year of card usage. Suddenly for no reason what so ever, my APR was raised to 29.99%! I NEVER missed a payment and was NEVER late! I have completely paid this card off, and only keep it for emergencies. CSR gave me a scripted response about the APR... And wouldnt give CLI. Dont carry balances with this one! Was hoping for better since it was purchased from Chase.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Hmmm... Chase User Icon on 2009-06-05

Remarks Chase converted my WAMU to 10.24% APR purchases and 19.24% APR for cash. No AF and Flexible Rewards. I like them a lot. Moved into the big names. $13,500 CL and a BK 09/2001 on record.
Comment 2 by brian23
Yea.... User Icon on 2009-06-05

Remarks It wasn't because of WAMU, it was because of Chase. When they took over this card a lot of people (even a friend of mine) got very high increases on their APR... Just don't carry a balance on this card and shouldnt be a problem...
Comment 3 by cireone
APR User Icon on 2009-06-07

Remarks Since Chase took over they have change the card and increased the APR of my credit card from 16% to 20%. I figure that since the have taken on a bank that went under and added some "damaged" accounts to their portfolio, they feel its jsutice to raise or change things.
Comment 4 by rockin35
Chase's Decision User Icon on 2009-06-08

Remarks I have 3 Cards from Chase Bank, the Honda Visa, Mary Kay Visa Card, and the Disney Visa Card, they just sent me a letter on 2 of them 3 weeks ago to advise me of the APR hike from 10.24% to 16.24% on one of them and 19.99% on the other.

Chase is definetly jumping on the bandwagon like all the other big banks unfortunately. Rockin35
Comment 5 by kdb030609
Chase Rate Hikes User Icon on 2009-06-08

Remarks Before chase bought wamu I had a Visa & MasterCard from wamu & Visa From chase. I consolidated the two onto chase Visa. The apr is 8.9 % which is really good but they now don't have any balance transfers available. Since the current credit card bill in congress. Has anyone else run into this on their cards with chase.
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