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Written by: branpayne on 2009-05-30

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branpayne's review: Callout Comment I gotta say I just applied for this card out of the blue along with Kay Jewelers and I was approved for both to my surprise with each having an 800 dollar credit limit! Anyways I figured I wouldn't use the card unless getting something for my wife I haven't used the card yet used Kays instead but I thought it was great how they(Jared) started reporting to the CRA immediately!


Comment 1 by lindalu
What Were Your Scores? User Icon on 2009-05-31

Remarks If you don't mind me asking what were your scores?

and doyou have anything bad on your report?

I want to apply... Need the utilization
Comment 2 by branpayne
Scores User Icon on 2009-06-03

Remarks Nothing bad on my report and my scores where low 600's
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