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Written by: skeewee08 on 2009-05-24

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skeewee08's review: Callout Comment OK so me and DH went to the movies he had to see the Terminator movie... It just so happens that AMC is located inside of the mall... So we are walking by VS and my husband was like you need a card there and I was like no I'm ok... So he was like really so I said why don't you apply for one then and of course he was like well never mind..

So we left the movies and I was like OK don't want to look at my DH sad face and was like let's do this. So I applied got approved for 1500.00... Didn't buy anything yet will be going back tomorrow as the mall was closing didn't want to be rushed:-)... And it did put a smile on DH face:-)

TU 768 EX 760 EQ 680... I know EQ is low becasue the Credit Union where I work(I have a loan and Visa card threw them) does not report to EQ, only TU & EX so that is why there is a big gap.


Comment 1 by meya
Way To Go User Icon on 2009-05-24

Remarks Nice limit and great scores!!! Huuum, maybe you should take DH with you when you get ready to shop with them. He already has the taste for nice things. LOLZ!!
Comment 2 by colonative
Congrats User Icon on 2009-05-25

Remarks I wonder why your husband would want you to have this card so badly. I mean, duh, but seriously, you could use a Visa/MasterCard at VS...

I bet he wants that catalog LOL.
Comment 3 by skeewee08
DH Get's To Use It Once A Quarter User Icon on 2009-05-25

Remarks Meya... I told DH he was able to pick out 1 set; he was more excited than me:-) like it was a men's store/electronic store... Hopefully he stops getting on my NERVES:-)

The funny thing Colonative I do get the magazine from shopping online using my Visa CC I also have a couple of WFNNB cards from the 90's like NY& Co(Lerners)... And Dress Barn(which I never use)they have way to high interest rate and that is one of the reason that I don't apply for a lot of department store cc...(only 3 this decade) but you know; gotta make the DH happy:-)
Comment 4 by rockin35
What Is DH? User Icon on 2009-05-26

Remarks What is DH?...
Comment 5 by skeewee08
What Is DH? User Icon on 2009-05-26

Remarks Rockin35... DH means Dear Husband... Lol... I think Meya has a link for shor typing... Meya correct me If I am wrong.
Comment 6 by meya
Re: Rockin35 User Icon on 2009-05-26

Remarks I know this is off subject, but you need a spanking asap. You even helped me add words to the link for short typing... Lol. Wake up, its a brand new bright day outside, even though creditors don't see it that way... Lol. Here is the link:


Feel free to add some.
Comment 7 by rockin35
Ok...got It.. User Icon on 2009-05-26

Remarks Ok got it... I'll be sure to visit this link more often for short-type words and abbreviations. hehehe..

Comment 8 by wanderer
Victoria's Secret User Icon on 2009-05-27

Remarks Why would the men be interested in this card...? Hmm...!
Comment 9 by eldarwen
Rewards Have Been Restructured. User Icon on 2009-05-29

Remarks The rewards have been restructured with the VS VIP card though. You get 2 points for every dollar that you spend on bras. They also changed the design of the cards as well. The regular VS card is white and the VIP card is black. I don't view the new design as shabby at all. I have to say that a white VS card is not great looking though. When I had the regular pink VS card, it was okay looking but better than the white. The black background of the VIP card makes the card look sharp.
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